Vitalis Chukwuemeka Onah of a Roman Catholic Church back ground had a direction from God in a revelation Dated December 1st, 2004 while he was on a missionary assignment with the Church he was working with then. In those long hours revelation, God told him to go and deliver the World but in particular, Roman Catholic Church from Religion and Tradition through the Preaching of JESUS. He is the Presiding Pastor of The New Covenant Catholic Church, (TNCCC), Worldwide and Provost, Covenant Ministry Institute. His depth understanding and revelations on the subject of the Grace of Jesus has become the major tool in setting people free from the bondage of religion and tradition. He is the pioneer and producer of Daily Grace for Daily Help; a Daily Audio Devotional which is commanding follower-ship in thousands in WhatsApp and Facebook messenger which are the channels of distributions in almost all the continents of the earth. Endowed with great Spiritual gifts, he operates in the Supernatural and many lives are being transformed Daily through his ministrations. He is joyfully married to Pastor Victoria Chinonye Onah and they are blessed with four wonderful children.   Wish to be referred to as simply Reverend OR Life Coach